ASC Graduate Fellowship 2017 now open for Applications

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US ATLAS Workshop 2017, 25-27 July

New Physics Interpretations at the LHC 2; 5-7 April 2017

2 months ANL internship is available to work on HEP software (fall 2017). Contact chekanov[AT]

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Graduate Fellowships (2017)

in Particle Physics at the ATLAS Support Center at Argonne National Laboratory.

Argonne ATLAS Center announces competitive fellowships to support ATLAS graduate students to work with, and at, the center. The fellowship awards are contingent upon availability of final funding. The Fellow will take part in the analysis and/or detector activities. The nature of the activities are to be dicussed and agreed upon between the Fellow, his/her adviser and designated ANL staff member(s). Past Fellows have participated in all stages of analysis as well as gained experience in detector operation and made progress towards ATLAS authorship qualification.

Argonne ASC will provide opportinuty for students to work on preparation of ITK Pixel module assembly and testing. The work may involve radiation tolerance studies, mechanical and electrical reliability, streamlining procedures, and cooling mechanics studies. For more information on possible projects contact Jessica Metcalfe.

There are also opportunities to work in other areas such as high-peformance computing, TDAQ (FELIX, FTK, L1track/FTK++), and performance studies (e.g. jet validation). For more information on possible projects please contact Jimmy Proudfoot and Alexander Paramonov.

It is hoped that the advisers will also be interested in collaboration. The Fellows are expected to facilitate interaction between their university and the Laboratory group.

The Fellowships are for one year, and will provide financial support to cover expenses associated with staying at the lab.

Further information on the ANL ASC, including the current physics analyses associated with the ASC, can be found at this website or by contacting us.


The decision to apply should be made by the applicant together with his/her thesis adviser. The application form is available HERE.

In addition, please have a letter of nomination sent from your thesis adviser to with the subject heading containing the applicant's name and the words "ATLAS Fellowship".

Who Can Apply

The Fellowships are open to graduate students doing Ph.D. thesis work on ATLAS at a US-ATLAS institution.

Application Deadline

All applications received before May 27th 2017 will be given full consideration. The awards will be announced in June 2017.

Start date

The proposed start date of the fellowship may be from June 2017 through Oct 2017. A certain amount of flexibility in the start date can be accomodated.

Further information

For further information please contact Jessica Metcalfe, Jimmy Proudfoot, or Alexander Paramonov.

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