ANL LVPS event history

Trip detection resolution 5 min. Same-module ignore filtering 15 min. Unfiltered trips (including power cycling) for the last 24h.
CERN time: Tue Aug 9 00:22:30 2022

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First event: Thu Feb 17 19:40:17 2011      Last event: Sun Nov 27 15:04:36 2011       Updated: Fri Dec 30 05:01:49 2011

LVPS event table
History of LVPS trips. -

Note: When searching for a particular module, select "Show All entries", type a module name in the search field (on the right side) and press [Enter]. Similarly, one can search for a status code (like "212122") or problem type. To search for a particular date, use the "YYYY-MM-DD" format. One can also search for a trip using the number of seconds since 1970 (UCT). For example, typing "1298566177" in the search field and pressing [Enter] fetches the entry "2011-02-24 19:49:37 EBC23".
Nr seconds YYYY-M-D H:M:S module status type Problem
Nr seconds YYYY-M-D H:M:S module status type Problem

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