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First event: Thu Apr 5 18:03:35 2012      Last event: Sat Dec 15 09:18:27 2012       Updated: Thu Jan 10 08:21:08 2013

ANL LVPS event history

Runs and lumi blocks affected by LVPS trips

This page contains a summary information about affected lumi blocks.

2012 data

The information on affected lumi blocks during 2012 date was retrieved directly from MRS messages from MRS Trip information

CSV file with affected lumi blocks for 2012 data

Description of comma-separated values (CSV) file: Run, start LB, end LB, timestamp, time, module, phi1, phi2
(timestamps are missing for 2012)

2011 data

An attempt was done to reconstruct affected lumi blocks due to LVPS trips from 2011 data. This was done by matching timestamps of log files generated by the lumi group with the timestamps retrieved using the PVSS Oracle database, since currently we do not have access to the MRS messages from 2011. Therefore this information may not be complete, but it should be rather close the trip information reported by MRS. The start of the trip is usually well determined. The time when a drawer reconfiguration finishes is an approximate, i.e. it is assumed that reconfiguration takes 3 lumi blocks (typically 3-4 min, best to be on the safe side).

CSV file with affected lumi blocks for 2011 data

C++ code

A package written in C++ to perform event rejection for D3PD analysis. Download it from here. This is a C++ package to reject events affected by TileCal trips. It uses the CSV files posted on this web site. After unpacking, read the "README" file. It also contains a small example ("main.cxx") showing how to reject events.

S.Chekanov (ANL)

Developed by S.Chekanov [email protected] (ANL), J.Proudfoot [email protected] (ANL), S.Norberg [email protected] Duong Nguyen [email protected] (ANL, 2012 ignore list)
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