2017 LVPS trip monitoring

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24h monitoring

CERN time: Tue Oct 3 20:02:30 2023

Retrieve trips from:


First event: Mon Mar 13 11:20:25 2017      Last event: Fri Dec 8 16:12:49 2017       Updated: Wed Feb 28 08:20:28 2018

LVPS event table

Monitoring status

LVPS are monitored 24h. The ignore list shown here is created manually and supported by the ANL group.
To reduce the output, a module with V=0 volts is checked every 6h. This description wiki describes the 2014 monitoring.

Status of oracle queries (for experts)

Data processing status is given in this link. It shows the data retrieved from the Oracle ATONR_ADG database used in this analysis. The sizes of the retrieved data should be above 1000 kB and there should be no gaps in dates.

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