Repository with Monte Carlo simulations for particle physics

  • Nov 1, 2022, Higgs, WW, ZZ production at 240, 250 GeV (e+e-,mu+mu-)
  • Oct 27, 2022, Higgs, WW, ZZ production at 380 GeV
  • Oct 17, 2022: hs-tools was corrected for https
  • Sep 27, 2022: Interface improvements
  • Feb 01, 2022: Migration to ALCF's Eagle filesystem
  • Feb 14, 2021: ROOT6 support for Jas4pp program
  • Nov 25, 2020: Moving to a new web server.
  • Oct 22, 2020: Added OSG Connect storage (Snowmass21)
  • Aug 26, 2020: Radion model Wkk+gg.
  • June 5, 2020: Moving to a new (larger) web storage
  • May 21, 2020: Filtered 2-leptons in multijet QCD
  • Apr, 24, 2020: MG5/Pythia8 samples for KK+radion model
  • Feb 20, 2020: Several samples for dark QCD processes
  • Nov 28, 2019: DOI (Digital Object Identifier) by OSTI DOE (see osti.gov)
  • Apr 15, 2019: Moving to Globus (Petrel)
  • Sep.10 2018: Zprime/DM event samples
  • Mar.15 2018: Charged Higgs event samples
  • Sep,22 2017: Z+Higgs → nunu+XX event samples
  • Sep,15 2017: Higgs → mu+mu- event samples
  • Sep,10 2017: rfull059 tag with improved tracking strategy
  • Aug.25, 2017: rfull300 for the DPF (ATLAS/CMS -like) detector
  • Aug.7, 2017: J/Psi and Upsilon(S1) event samples for ep 45 GeV
  • Jun.29, 2017: rfull058 tag with improved tracking strategy from D.Blyth
  • Jun.20, 2017: rfull057 tag with alternative tracking strategy from D.Blyth
  • Jun.9, 2017: Reprocessing rfull009 - rfull015 tags after correcting timing problem in SLIC. Using modifications for low-memory footprint
  • Jun.9, 2017: Reprocessing rfull009 - rfull015 tags after correcting timing problem in SLIC. Using modifications for low-memory footprint
  • May.16, 2017: Production of rfull056 using SiEIC(v5) detector for EIC
  • Apr.30, 2017: CLIC 3 TeV e+e- samples using Pythia8
  • Apr.20, 2017: Started production of ep 35 GeV samples
  • Apr.13, 2017: New rfull015 with Geant10.3p1 using SiFCC(v7)
  • Apr.3, 2017: rfull054 and rfull055 using SiEIC(v4) detector
  • Feb.3, 2017: CLIC event samples for e+e- at 380 GeV. Link to events
  • Feb.1, 2017: Updated rfull053 using SiEIC(v3) detector including track timing
  • Nov.12, 2016: Production of rfull053 using SiEIC(v3) detector for EIC
  • Nov.2, 2016: Production of rfull101 using SiCEPC(v2) detector for CEPC
  • Nov.2, 2016: Production of Higgs+V for different CM energies (8-100 TeV pp)
  • Oct.31,2016: Production of rfull052 using SiEIC(v2) detector for EIC
  • Oct.14, 2016: Production of rfast005 for FCC-hh (pp 100 TeV) using Delphes-3.3.3
  • Sep.23, 2016: Production of rfull051 using SiEIC(v1) detector for EIC
  • Sep.15, 2016: Z'(5 TeV) to different channels using several SiFCC(v7) geometries
  • Aug.28, 2016: rfull010, rfull011, rfull012and rfull013 for SiFCC(v7) using HCAL cells from 1 to 20 cm
  • Aug.11, 2016: Production of rfull009 for 100 TeV (pp) with SiFCC-hh (v7) detector using new Pandora
  • Aug.9, 2016: OSG grid pack with new (fast) PandoraPFA from J.Marshall
  • Jul.27, 2016: Simulation of SiFCC-hh (v7) detector for 100 TeV (pp) (rfull008)
  • Jul.24, 2016: Inclusive jets (100 TeV pp)  tev100_qcd_pythia8_ptall
  • Jul.13, 2016: Increase in statistics for ttbar+b (13 TeV pp) to 2.1 ab-1 tev13_mg5_ttbar_bjet
  • Jun.20, 2016: Samples with single and double K-long for calorimeter studies. See KL samples
  • May 19, 2016: Creating rfull007 for the SiFCC-hh (v5) detector with coarse HCAL granularity
  • May 19, 2016: Re-processing rfull006 for SiFCC-hh (v4) after fixing endcap.
  • Apr 8, 2016: H+ttbar (MG5) for 13 TeV (pp) (link)
  • Apr 3, 2016: A new tag for fast simulation of 14 TeV (pp) (rfast004)
  • Mar.29, 2016: Simulation of SiFCC-hh (v4) detector for 100 TeV (pp) (rfull006)
  • Mar.26, 2016. All data sources were redirected to OSG due to a problem at ANL
  • Mar.9, 2016: Fast simulation of ttbar+N jet process (pp, 14 TeV, MG5) (link)
  • Mar.4, 2016: Full simulation of SiFCC-hh (v3) detector for 100 TeV (pp) (rfull005)
  • Feb.5, 2016: Single particles for ITK studies (ATLAS phase II upgrade) (link)
  • Feb.1, 2016: Z' with M=10,20,40 TeV decaying to qqbar, ttbar, WW for full simulations (link)
  • Jan.19, 2016: 10 TeV Z' using a full simulation with 40 and 64 HCAL layers (link)
  • Jan.14, 2016: TTbar+N jet process (pp, 14 TeV, MG5) (link)
  • Jan.06, 2016: Heavy Higgs simulation (mu+mu-, 5 TeV) (link)
  • Dec.17, 2015: Full SiD detector simulation of Zprime (10 TeV) to WW (link)
  • Dec.17, 2015: Heavy higgs simulation for pp at 100 TeV (link)
  • Dec.07, 2015: Full SiD detector simulation of Zprime to tautau (link)
  • Nov.25, 2015: Particle gun samples for detector performance studies (pgun)
  • Nov.18, 2015: Simulation of ttbar+bjet at 13,14,100 TeV (mg5_ttbar_bjet)
  • Nov.9, 2015: Full simulation for e+e- (250 GeV) for SiD-CC (rfull002)
  • Nov.6, 2015: Fast simulation of DIS events for EIC (141gev%rfast001)
  • Oct.22, 2015: DIS events at the EIC collider (141 GeV)
  • Oct.16, 2015: Delphes 3.3 fast simulation for ATLAS-like (13tev%rfast002) and CMS-like (13tev%rfast003) detectors. Same for 14 TeV.
  • Oct.16, 2015: b-tagging was corrected for the tag rfast002
  • Oct.15, 2015: Please update hs-toolkit.tgz
  • Oct.9, 2015: Delphes 3.3 simulation of pp events (100 TeV) using the FCC detector (rfast002)
  • Oct.6, 2015: Full simulation. e+e- events (250 GeV) for the SiD detector (rfull001)
  • Sep.27, 2015: Fast simulation. e+e- events (250 GeV) for the ILD detector (rfast001)

qcd_pythia8_ptall_jets.py (raw text file)
# Part of =HepSim=: http://atlaswww.hep.anl.gov/hepsim/
# Jython validation script using Jas4pp
# S.Chekanov (ANL)

from java.awt import Color,Font
from jhplot import  HPlot,P1D,HLabel,H1D
from jhplot.io import HBook
from java.lang import *
from proto import FileMC   # import FileMC
from jhplot.utils import FileList
from hephysics.particle import LParticle 
from hepsim import HepSim
from java.util import ArrayList
from hephysics.hepsim import PromcUtil
from hephysics.jet import JetN2 
import sys

ktjet=JetN2(0.5,"antikt",40) # R=0.5, E-mode, anti-KT,min pT=40

NMax=3 # max number of files per pT. Set to -1 to run over all files
# default location 
# get data either from local file system or stream them from URL
TotalEvents=100000 # number of events per sample 
if len(sys.argv)>1:
   if sys.argv[1].startswith("http"):
   else: flist=FileList.get(sys.argv[1],"promc")
   if (len(sys.argv)>2): TotalEvents=int(sys.argv[2])
   url=default_www; flist=HepSim.getList(url)
if len(flist)==0: print "Error: No input file!"; sys.exit(0)
else: print "Reading "+str(len(flist))+" files. Nr events= ",TotalEvents

# extract files with in certain pT ranges
for j in flist:
      d1=j.split("_pt"); d2=d1[1].split("_") 
xmin=list(xmin); xmin.sort() 
xmax=list(xmax); xmax.sort()

# reduce range
# del xmin[-1]; del xmin[-1]; 

# define histogram bins in ranges of pT, with 10% shift to avoid biases
for j in xmin:
print "Histogram bins",bins 

# create file list using pT ranges 
for i in xmin:
     for j in flist:
        if (j.find("pt"+str(i)+"_")>-1): pt.append(j)
     histo.append(  H1D("pt"+str(i),bins) ) # 50 GeV bins 

print "Total number of pT ranges=",len(filelist)
for ipt in range(Total):
  print ipt, ") pT range = "+str(xmin[ipt])
  cross=0; xcross=0; nev=0;  Nfiles=len(ptlist)
  if (NMax>-1):  Nfiles=NMax           # limit to NMax files 
  for m in range(Nfiles):              # loop over all files in this list    
    file=FileMC(url+ptlist[m])         # get input file
    print "Read=",url+ptlist[m]
    if (nev>TotalEvents): print "Max Nr of events are done"; break # stop after some events
    for i in range(file.size()):
      if (nev>TotalEvents): break
      if (nev%200==0):
           if (m==0): print "Event=",nev
           else: print "Event=",nev," done=",int((100.0*m)/Nfiles),"%", 'x-cross=',xcross 
      eve = file.read(i)
      pa = eve.getParticles()    # particle information
      ve = eve.getEvent()        # event information
      particles=PromcUtil.getParticleDList(file.getHeader(), pa, 1, -1, 1000);
      # ktjet.printJets();
      if (len(jets)>0):
                 if (ptlead>xmin[ipt]): 
    stat = file.getStat()
  histo[ipt].scale(1.0/lumi)   # for cross section 
  print ipt, ") Cross section = %.3e pb"%cross, " Lumi=%.3e pb"%lumi

h1=histo[0] #  combine all pT ranges 
h1.setTitle("All bins")
for i in range(1,len(histo)):

crossD=h1.sumAllBinHeights() # get total cross section 
h1=h1.getDividedByBinWidth() # get differential cross section 
c1 = HPlot("HepSim",600,400) # plot histogram
c1.setNameX("p_{T}(jet lead.) [GeV]")
c1.setNameY("d σ / d p_{T} (jet lead.) [pb / GeV]")
# h1.toTable() 

l1=HLabel("Pythia8   QCD σ=%.3e pb"%crossD, 0.5, 0.65, "NDC")
l1.setFont(Font("Helvetica", Font.PLAIN, 14))
l2=HLabel("=HepSim=",0.65,0.84, "NDC")
l2.setFont(Font("Helvetica", Font.PLAIN, 14))

# create file/image using name of the file
if len(sys.argv[0])>0: name=sys.argv[0].replace(".py","")
file=HBook(name+".jdat","w"); print name+".jdat created"
c1.export(name+".svg");    print name+".svg created"
# h1.toFile(name+".txt");  print name+".txt created"
# sys.exit(0)