Studies of hit timing

D.Blyth, S.Chekanov, A.Kotwal, J.Proudfoot, N.Tran, J.Repond, M.Demarteau, A.Dotti, J.Mccormick, A.Ribon

It has been recently observed that the jet resolution significantly increases for jets with pT>5 TeV using the CLIC timing cut 100 ns on hits. This page is dedicated to such studies The problem appears in the reconstructed samples rfull009 High-pT dijet samples for files located in here. See the file for large pT: tev100pp_pythia8_jets_pt12800_009*.slcio and tev100_pythia8_jets_pt12800_043*.slcio

The results have been presented several times at CPAD2016, FCC2017 and other conferences.

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