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 ====== Working with geometries ====== ====== Working with geometries ======
 +[[:|<< back to HepSim manual]]
 +====== Changes in compact.xml ======
 +If you want to make changes in the detector design, edit "compact.xml", and then run the converters:
 +<code bash>
 +JAVA_OPTS="-Xms2048m -Xmx2048m"
 +GEOM="mydetector" # name of your detector
 +java $JAVA_OPTS -jar $GCONVERTER -o lcdd compact.xml $GEOM.lcdd
 +slic -g ${GEOM}.lcdd  -G ${GEOM}.gdml
 +echo "heprep compact.xml.."
 +java $JAVA_OPTS -jar $GCONVERTER -o heprep compact.xml $GEOM.heprep
 +echo "pandora compact.xml.."
 +java $JAVA_OPTS -jar $GCONVERTER -o pandora compact.xml $GEOM.pandora
 +java $JAVA_OPTS -jar $GCONVERTER -o html compact.xml ${GEOM}.html
 +where "${GEOM}" is the name of the detector geometry.  Next, check that you do not have overlapping volumes. Run ROOT with the commands:
 +<code cpp>
 +gGeoManager->CheckOverlaps(0.1); //0.1 tolerance or better!
 +If you see that some volumes overlap, come back to "compact.xml" and make corrections.
 +====== Pandora PFA ======
 +All information required by Pandora algorithm is stored in the file with the extension ".pandora". This file is created using GeoConvertor, which reads CalorimeterCalibration.properties file.
 +In particular, it reads:
 +  * mipEnergy
 +  * mipSigma
 +  * mipCut
 +  * timeCut
 +The sampling fractions are taken from the detector  directory called "SamplingFractions"
 +Here files look as this:
 +Look at the file:
 + --- //[[[email protected]|Sergei Chekanov]] 2017/04/12 21:58//