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promc::ProMCDescription Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for promc::ProMCDescription:

Public Member Functions

 ProMCDescription (const ProMCDescription &from)
ProMCDescriptionoperator= (const ProMCDescription &from)
::google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet & 
unknown_fields () const
inline::google::protobuf::UnknownFieldSet * mutable_unknown_fields ()
void Swap (ProMCDescription *other)
ProMCDescriptionNew () const
void CopyFrom (const ::google::protobuf::Message &from)
void MergeFrom (const ::google::protobuf::Message &from)
void CopyFrom (const ProMCDescription &from)
void MergeFrom (const ProMCDescription &from)
void Clear ()
bool IsInitialized () const
int ByteSize () const
bool MergePartialFromCodedStream (::google::protobuf::io::CodedInputStream *input)
void SerializeWithCachedSizes (::google::protobuf::io::CodedOutputStream *output) const
::google::protobuf::uint8 * SerializeWithCachedSizesToArray (::google::protobuf::uint8 *output) const
int GetCachedSize () const
::google::protobuf::Metadata GetMetadata () const
bool has_version () const
void clear_version ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint64 version () const
void set_version (::google::protobuf::uint64 value)
bool has_events () const
void clear_events ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint64 events () const
void set_events (::google::protobuf::uint64 value)
bool has_description () const
void clear_description ()
const ::std::string & description () const
void set_description (const ::std::string &value)
void set_description (const char *value)
void set_description (const char *value, size_t size)
inline::std::string * mutable_description ()
inline::std::string * release_description ()
void set_allocated_description (::std::string *description)
bool has_timestamp () const
void clear_timestamp ()
inline::google::protobuf::uint64 timestamp () const
void set_timestamp (::google::protobuf::uint64 value)

Static Public Member Functions

static const
::google::protobuf::Descriptor * 
descriptor ()
static const ProMCDescriptiondefault_instance ()

Static Public Attributes

static const int kVersionFieldNumber = 1
static const int kEventsFieldNumber = 2
static const int kDescriptionFieldNumber = 3
static const int kTimestampFieldNumber = 4


void protobuf_AddDesc_ProMCDescription_2eproto ()
void protobuf_AssignDesc_ProMCDescription_2eproto ()
void protobuf_ShutdownFile_ProMCDescription_2eproto ()

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