Dataset: "tev13pp_pythia8_qcd_jz"

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Name: tev13pp_pythia8_qcd_jz
DOI identifier: 10.34664/1575739 ( link)
Collisions: pp
CM Energy: 13 TeV
Entry ID: 333
Topic: SM
Generator: PYTHIA8
Calculation level: LO+PS+hadronisation
Process: QCD multijets with filtered in pT slices
Total events: 180000
Number of files: 18
Cross section (σ): 2.646E+07 ± 1.218E+04pb Warning: Not accurate for weighted events
Luminosity (L): 0.0068 pb-1   (or)   6.802E-06 fb-1   (or)   6.802E-09 ab-1 Warning: Not accurate for weighted events
Format: ProMC
Truth record URL: Status: Available
EVGEN size: 0.887 GB
  Reconstruction tag Tags:
Fast simulation:
Full simulation:
Fast/Full size: 0.00 GB
Record slimmed: Yes
Events weighted: Yes
Submission time: Wed Oct 31 19:19:39 UTC 2018
Updated on: Sun Nov 4 13:44:00 UTC 2018
Filtered QCD multijet events (2->2 process) using antiKT6 filters. PDF: LHAPDF6:NNPDF23_lo_as_0130_qed. The sample was created using the Pythia8 tune Tune:pp = 14, similar to ATLAS. The sample recreates ATLAS JZ1-JZ8 slices (without re-weighting). The events were filtered out using antiKT6 jet algorithm by requiring:
JZ1: 20-60 GeV
ZJ2: 60-160 GeV
JZ3: 160-400 GeV
JZ4: 400-800 GeV
JZ5: 800-1300 GeV
JZ6: 1300-1800 GeV
JZ7: 1800-2500 GeV
JZ8: 2500-3200 GeV
The cross sections are reported inside the files. Pythia8 corresponds to the ATLAS version used to create such samples.

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Author: S.Chekanov