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ASC Graduate Fellowship 2017 now open for Applications

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US ATLAS Workshop 2017, 25-27 July

New Physics Interpretations at the LHC 2; 5-7 April 2017

2 months ANL internship is available to work on HEP software (fall 2017). Contact chekanov[AT]


Java Analysis Studio for Particle Physics

JAS4PP is Java Analysis Studio for Particle Physics. This program is based on Java Analysis Studio, JAS3, but extends this program for particle physics. JAS4PP was designed at ANL for detector performance and physics studies of future circular-collider experiments.

Here are the main features of JAS4PP:

You can download and use this program as explained here:


Jas4pp program


JAS4PP and associated code examples are licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Less restrictive and commercially-friendly versions of the Java packages included in this program are available from the FreeHep and DMelt projects.

S.Chekanov, chekanov[AT] (ANL)