Dataset: "tev13pp_mg5_chaH4FNS_sys"

Summary Comments
Name: tev13pp_mg5_chaH4FNS_sys
DOI identifier: 10.34664/1601158 ( link)
Collisions: pp
CM Energy: 13 TeV
Entry ID: 339
Topic: Exotics
Generator: MADGRAPH/PY8
Calculation level: LO+PS+hadronisation
Process: Charged Higgs (H+t) in 4FNS with systematics
Total events: 60000
Number of files: 3
Cross section (σ): 6.817E-06 ± NaNE+00pb Estimated from file Nr 1
Luminosity (L): 8.801E+09 pb-1   (or)   8.801E+06 fb-1   (or)   8801.0687 ab-1
Format: ProMC
Truth record URL: Status: Available
EVGEN size: 0.526 GB
  Reconstruction tag Tags:
Fast simulation:
Full simulation:
Fast/Full size: 0.00 GB
Record slimmed: Yes
Events weighted: No
Submission time: Thu Nov 7 17:49:47 UTC 2019
Updated on: Fri Nov 8 12:43:29 UTC 2019
Production of charged H+ (or H-) using MG5_aMC_v2_6_1 at LO QCD. Four flavor number scheme (4FNS) is used, i.e. tbH. H+ mass is 2 TeV. Each file has 20,000 events, and has different settings. The samples are created for studies of systematic uncertainties to understand PDF and polarization effects. Showering was done in Pyhia8 A14 with ATLAS tuning.

H+ decays

Charged Higgs decays to tb
charged_higgs_tb_LO_NNPDF23_madspin.promc - LO with NNPDF23 and spin                                                                  
charged_higgs_tb_LO_CTEQ6L.promc          - LO with CTEQ6L  (no spin effect)
charged_higgs_tb_LO_NNPDF23.promc         - LO with NNPDF23 (no spin effect)                                                                           

MG5 settings

Included inside ProMC files.

Slimmed method

Particle records are slimmed (all stable with pT>0.3 GeV) and (PID=5 || PID=6) or PID>22 && PID<38) or PID>10 && PID<17).

File metadata:
ProMC version: 4; Nr events: 20000; Varint E: 100000; Varint L: 1000; Logfile: logfile.txt; Last modified: 2019-11-07 10:30:22; Settings: PYTHIA-8.23; ApplyParticleSlim = on;Beams:idA = 2212;Beams:idB = 2212;Beams:eCM = 13000.;Beams:frameType = 4;Tune:pp = 14;Tune:ee = 7;SpaceShower:rapidityOrder = on;SigmaProcess:alphaSvalue = 0.140;SpaceShower:pT0Ref = 1.56;SpaceShower:pTmaxFudge = 0.91;SpaceShower:pTdampFudge = 1.05;SpaceShower:alphaSvalue = 0.127;TimeShower:alphaSvalue = 0.127;BeamRemnants:primordialKThard = 1.88;MultipartonInteractions:pT0Ref = 2.09;MultipartonInteractions:alphaSvalue = 0.126;ParticleDecays:tau0Max = 10;Higgs:useBSM = on;37:onMode = off;37:onIfMatch = 5 6;

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JDAT file
Author: W. Islam, S.Chekanov, S.Meehan