Dataset: "pgun_singledualcrystal2"

Summary Comments
Name: pgun_singledualcrystal2
DOI identifier: 10.34664/Pending ( link)
Collisions: pgun
CM Energy: 0.0005 TeV
Entry ID: 362
Topic: Single particles
Calculation level: single particle
Process: Single particles for DualCrystalTower
Total events: Use reco-level files for estimate
Number of files: Use reco-level files for estimate
Cross section (σ): undefined Estimated from file Nr 1
Luminosity (L): undefined
Format: ProMC
Truth record URL: Status: reco events available (not truth ProMC)
EVGEN size: 0.0 GB
  Reconstruction tag Tags:
Fast simulation:
Full simulation: rfull000 | Info
29 / 313.43 GB
Fast/Full size: 313.43 GB
Record slimmed: No
Events weighted: No
Submission time: Wed Jan 25 14:34:20 UTC 2023
Updated on: Thu Feb 1 16:46:42 UTC 2024

Particle gun for detector studies

A particle gun for single electron, pions and muons. The energies are 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20 GeV. The particle types and the number of events are included in the file names. Each file has 1000 events for each particle types (particle types are included in the file names).

Comment on full simulation

This is a simulation of a dual readout crystal calorimeter (currently the code is work in progress) for test beams. It is based on DD4HEP with Geant4. The ROOT files should be taken from the "rful000" tag. The simulations has 5 PbWO4 crystals with the length 20 cm each (21 X0 or 1 interaction length). THus the total length of the tower 100 cm. The width is also 20x20 cm.

See This package is almost identical to the package from S.Eno but it has a corrected scintillation yield.

File metadata:
ProMC version: 4; Nr events: 1; Varint E: 100000; Varint L: 1000; Logfile: logfile.txt; Last modified: 2024-02-01 09:59:06; Settings: No truth-level ProMC files. Use reconstructed events

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Author: S.Chekanov