Dataset: "gev250ee_wizard_higgs"

Summary Comments
Name: gev250ee_wizard_higgs
DOI identifier: 10.34664/Pending ( link)
Collisions: e+e-
CM Energy: 0.25 TeV
Entry ID: 368
Topic: Higgs
Generator: Whizard 1.X
Calculation level: LO+PS+hadronisation
Process: Higgs production
Total events: Use reco-level files for estimate
Number of files: Use reco-level files for estimate
Cross section (σ): undefined Estimated from file Nr 1
Luminosity (L): undefined
Format: SLCIO
Truth record URL: Status: reco events available (not truth ProMC)
EVGEN size: 0.0 GB
  Reconstruction tag Tags:
Fast simulation: rfast052 | Info
2 / 0.19 GB
Full simulation:
Fast/Full size: 0.19 GB
Record slimmed: No
Events weighted: No
Submission time: Mon Jan 29 21:43:58 UTC 2024
Updated on: Thu Feb 1 16:14:30 UTC 2024
The US APS DPF Snowmass2021 exercise, a complete set of Standard Model fast detector simulation files have been produced. The Whizard 1.95 Monte Carlo event files prepared for the joint ILD/SiD Detailed Baseline Design (DBD) exercise for the ILC Technical Design Report have been passed through the Delphes 3.4.2 fast simulation using the ILCDelphes generic ILC detector specification, producing files in LCIO format using the DelphesSTDHEP2LCIO executable. See:

This sample contains Higgs production processes. To download LCIO files from Delphes, us reconstruction tag rfast052.

File metadata:
ProMC version: 4; Nr events: 1; Varint E: 100000; Varint L: 1000; Logfile: logfile.txt; Last modified: 2024-02-01 09:59:06; Settings: No truth-level ProMC files. Use reconstructed events

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Author: cpotter