Dataset: "gev500ee_wizard_aa_2f"

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Name: gev500ee_wizard_aa_2f
DOI identifier: 10.34664/Pending ( link)
Collisions: e+e-
CM Energy: 0.5 TeV
Entry ID: 370
Topic: SM
Generator: Whizard 1.X
Calculation level: LO+PS+hadronisation
Process: gamma gamma to 2 fermion processes
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Cross section (σ): undefined Estimated from file Nr 1
Luminosity (L): undefined
Format: SLCIO
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Submission time: Tue Jan 30 15:22:25 UTC 2024
Updated on: Thu Feb 1 16:45:07 UTC 2024
The US APS DPF Snowmass2021 exercise, a complete set of Standard Model fast detector simulation files have been produced. The Whizard 1.95 Monte Carlo event files prepared for the joint ILD/SiD Detailed Baseline Design (DBD) exercise for the ILC Technical Design Report have been passed through the Delphes 3.4.2 fast simulation using the ILCDelphes generic ILC detector specification, producing files in LCIO format using the DelphesSTDHEP2LCIO executable. See:

This is aa_2f: gamma gamma -> 2 fermion processes.

The total event sample represented here corresponds to about 250 fb-1 of data for e+e- collisions at 250 GeV, generated by Whizard 1.95. The total Standard Model event sample is divided into a number of categories, as described below. Events were generated for all four possible configurations of 100% polarized beams (e-Le+L, e-Le+R, e-Re+L, e-Re+R). In an analysis, samples with the four polarizations would be mixed to create the polarizations expected from the collider (for example, +- 80% electron polarization, -+ 30% positron polarization for the ILC baseline). If you would like to make your own stdhep samples or analyze the stdhep files directly, there are some further details that you need to know. These are described in a paragraph below. The full set of generated events has been separated into the categories listed below. The initial partons at an e+e- collider are electrons, positrons, and photons. These have luminosity spectra that include the effects of initial state radiation and beamstrahlung. The the beamstrahlung component depends on the accelerator parameters; the spectra used are those corresponding to the 2013 ILC TDR accelerator design. In W, Z production, the heavy bosons are allowed to go off the mass shell. Whizard accounts this consistently by including all tree-level electroweak Feynman diagrams contributing to the same partonic final state. For example, in 4-fermion production, Whizard includes the nonresonant background diagrams in addition to the diagrams with explicit WW and ZZ boson production and decay. This is why the categories are labelled with the number of fermions in the final state. Each category includes the relevant QCD and photon radiation as generated by PYTHIA. The files here include both samples of general Standard Model events and special samples created to study machine-related backgrounds, processes with large missing energy, and other more specific goals. The general Standard Model sample is divided into the following categories:
    SM = 2f + 4f + 1f + 3f + aa_2f + higgs 

Use rfast052 tag for download.

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ProMC version: 4; Nr events: 1; Varint E: 100000; Varint L: 1000; Logfile: logfile.txt; Last modified: 2024-02-01 09:59:06; Settings: No truth-level ProMC files. Use reconstructed events

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Author: cpotter