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Name: rfast003
Detector: delphes_fcchh3
Description: FCC-hh detector version 3
Experiment: FCC-hh,SppC
Simulation: Delphes 3.3
Reconstruction: Delphes 3.3
Download: rfast003.tgz
Submission time: Tue Mar 21 23:33:08 UTC 2017
Updated on: -
Submitter: S.Chekanov

Available data:

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FCC proposed detector. Sep. 2015 # taus reconstruction is removed to deal with input slimmed records based on Delphes 3.3 (Oct. 2015) . Created by Heather Gray and Filip Moortgat. Modified for HepSim by S.Chekanov (ANL). Also designed for jet substructure (jets type 7). Corrected btagging by Michele Selvaggi