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Name: rfull002
Detector: sidcc1
Description: SiCEPC detector based on the SiD. Adopted for 250 GeV collisions
Experiment: CEPC
Simulation: SLIC (v5)
Reconstruction: fpadsim-1.1 on OSG: lcsim 4.0, slicPandora, pandoraPFA
Download: rfull002.tgz
Submission time: Tue Mar 21 23:33:08 UTC 2017
Updated on: -
Submitter: S.Chekanov, M. Demarteau

Available data:

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Based on SiD LOI sidloi3. It has reduced magnetic field for the solenoid (from 5 T to 4 T) and 35 layers of HCAL instead the original 40 (45) layers.

Described in: S.V. Chekanov and M. Demarteau, Conceptual Design Studies for a CEPC Detector. A white paper contributed to the IAS Program on High Energy Physics (4-29 Jan, 2016), International Journal of Modern Physics A (IJMPA) Volume No.31, Issue No. 33, 1644021-1. Also available as: