Reconstruction tag Information about the "rfull210" production tag


Name: rfull210
Detector: CLIC_o3_v13
Description: This is an experimental version of CLIC detector (version 3) based on DD4HEP, Marlin and PandoraPFA.
Experiment: CLIC
Simulation: DD4HEP from iLCSoft (2017-08-23 build)
Reconstruction: PandoraPFA for PFO and Marlin (tracker) from iLCSoft (2017-08-23 build)
Download: rfull210.tgz
Submission time: Sat Mar 25 0:30:09 UTC 2017
Updated on: -
Submitter: CLIC experiment

Available data:

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This version of the CLIC detector does not work with Jas4pp event display, since there is no support for HEPREP files. Use /cvmfs/ for setting the software.