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 Hadronic final states in high-pT QCD
 Chunhui Chen    <>
 Davison Soper   <>

 Higgs and related topics

 Radja Boughezal <>
 Bruce Mellado     <>

 Multiparticle dynamics in soft QCD and correlations
 Rick Field <>
 Nick Van Remortel  <>

 Proton structure, small and large x physics
 Cynthia Keppel <>
 Anna Stasto <>

 Forward physics and Diffraction
Katarzyna Wichmann <>
 Alan White  <>

High pT QCD calculations and particle production
Michael Schmitt <>
Alexander Paramonov <>

Phase diagrams of strongly interacting matter
Owe Philipsen <>
Nu Xu <>

Multiparticle aspects of high-density systems in heavy ion collisions
Piotr Bozek <>
Edward Sarkisyan-Grinbaum <>

Multiparticle aspects of physics beyond the SM
LianTao Wang <>
Simona Rolli <>
Eva Halkiadakis <>

Heavy-ion collisions
David Hofman <>
Thorsten Renk <>
Nestor Armesto <>

Particle astrophysics
Francis Halzen <>
Salman Habib <>


Soft QCD

Viacheslav Kuvshinov <>


General information


The International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (ISMD) is a major international high-energy conference which attracts participants  (theorists and experimentalists) with a common interest in reactions involving a large number of particles. The XLIII International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics will be organized in September 2013 by the HEP ANL division together with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT, Chicago) and Northwestern University (Chicago). The goal is to provide a truly international forum for discussion and presentations of recent experimental results from the LHC, Tevatron and other experiments as well as new developments in theory.  ISMD symposiums typically involve about 120 participants and include about 60-70  plenary presentations with a good balance between experimental and theoretical talks spread over 5 1/2 days.  The Symposium  will comprise several sessions, with each session started by an overview talk and followed by topical contributions.  The following sessions are planned: "High-pT QCD", "High-pT electroweak physics" (including Higgs), "Soft QCD”, "Diffraction" and "Heavy-ion collisions".   Special session will be held with overview talks on the "Intensity Frontier" and Snowmass2013

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