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Nathan Gardner

Lawrence Technological University, Southfield. MI

Summer Undergraduate Student 2009, ANL ASC

Mentor: Rik Yoshida

My Work

I am working on analyzing cosmic muon data collected with ATLAS.

I am looking at data in the muon spectrometer, the calorimeters, and the inner detector. Analysing cosmic data throughout ATLAS will aid in understanding the data collectons procress, trigger streams and correlation of the different detectors in ATLAS.

Presentations on cosmic muon analysis are located in the “Attachment” section below.

2008 cosmic data came from: data08_cosmag.00091900.physics_IDCosmic.recon.ESD.o4_r653

  • Tile Calo Top and Bottom Tracks ———————Updated 7/16/09
  • Liquid Argon Calo Investigation ———————-Updated 7/07/09
  • High Energy Loss Plots ——————————— Updated 7/06/09
  • Abstract and Paper ————————————— Updated 7/31/09

My Code

Link to Athena code which generates an Ntuple with muon spectrometer, inner detector, tile track, and liquid argonne cluster data and code which runs over a directory of Ntuples and creates histograms for analysis in a .root file:

  • The code to run over Ntuples is in the Analysis folder, all other files are for Athena.

muon_energy_loss.pdf – NathanGardner - 31 Jul 2009

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