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ASC software

A number of software packages for scientific computation are available for public and released under the GNU public license:

  • Jas4PP - A JAS3-based program for particle collision studies
  • HepSim - Repository with Monte Carlo generator events
  • ProMC - Event Record and IO file for Monte Carlo generators
  • NPFinder - Non-parametric peak finder algorithm
  • StatShape - Jet-shape calculations using a linear regression
  • ArCond - Tier3 condor-front-end for distributed analysis using Condor
  • jCondor - a Java monitoring GUI for the Condor-based PC farm
  • SpartyJet - Jet-algorithm library
  • SCaVis - Environment for scientific computation and data analysis (community project)
  • jMathLab - Octave/Matlab computational environment for symbolic calculations (community project)
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