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TileCal maintenance

The division is traditionally involved in TileCal Maintenance. Here are a few photos of the 2018 maintenance complain:

Description: MobiDick4 wiki Mobidick note Mobidick note4

GIT repository:

Setting up MobiDick computers

Software link:

Computer1: mobi1 (user/pass)

HP ProBook 450 G5. CSI 0356567

Install from USB CDROM: F10, the go to boot, then go to “install from file”.

Mobidick server parameters:
 1570 (port)
 xterm -hold -e "expect -c 'spawn telnet -l root; expect \"Password:\"; send \"root\r\"; send \"./soft/MobiDICK\r\"; interact'"

Should install: xterm, telnet, expect

The IP should be assigned to laptop automatically via DHCP server

Differences between software new vs old (working) version

DigNoise panel is different.

Willy version 2.9 2013-02-20 Mobidick version 5.7 David Calvet

Working version has “Pedestal noise result” with 52 buttons. New version has two bars, “High Gain test results” and “Low gain test results” with 52. Then, below: “Pedestal spread results”.


This panel is missing in the working version


Working version has only 52 buttons with “Pedestal noise results”

New version has High Gain test results, “Low Gain results” and “Pedestal spread test result”

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