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Name: rfull101
Detector: sidcc2
Description: SiCEPC detector based on the SiD. Adopted for 250 GeV CM energies.
Experiment: CEPC
Simulation: SLIC (v5)
Reconstruction: fpadsim-1.2 on OSG: lcsim 4.0, slicPandora, pandoraPFA
Download: rfull101.tgz
Submission time: Tue Mar 21 23:33:08 UTC 2017
Updated on: -
Submitter: S.Chekanov, M. Demarteau

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This is a reduced version of SiD with 3T solenoid field, smaller ECAL/HCAL and muon system etc. In particular, it has a reduced magnetic field for the solenoid (from 5 T to 3 T) and and the calorimeter has 35 layers for HCAL barrel and Endcap, instead of 40 and 45 (endcap) layers as for the original SiD proposal. Minimum number of hits per track is 5 (original had 7 hits). Ecal has 4mm cells (vs 3.5 mm for SiD), and muon section has 4cm cells (vs 3cm for SiD). Other detector parameters are the same as for SiD.