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ProMC Manual, Tutorials, Repositories

Next generation IO data format based on variable number of bytes to store structural data

  1. Installation (covers GNU Linux and IBM BlueGene/Q)
  2. Quick start with ProMC (examples and tutorials)

Monte Carlo event repositories based on ProMC:


  • S.Chekanov, “Next generation input-output data format for HEP using Google's protocol buffers”, ANL-HEP-CP-13-32, Snowmass 2013 Proceedings.
  • S.Chekanov, E.May, K. Strand, P. Van Gemmeren, ProMC: Input-output data format for HEP applications using varint encoding, ANL-HEP-PR-13-41, arXiv:1311.1229, Computer Physics Communications 185 (2014), pp. 2629-2635


S.V.Chekanov. ProMC format (PDF). A talk given at the JLab software meeting (March 29, 2016)

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