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This page was created during the DPF2013 studies. All truth-level MC samples have been moved to the HepSim Monte Carlo repository

Fast Monte Carlo simulation for Snowmass2013

Here are top-quark “signal” samples generated by requests for Snowmass 2012-2013. Samples are generated using ANL ATLAS Tier3 computer farm based on Arcond/Condor. Details about the Delphes samples for Snowmass are given in this wiki.

One can view and browser directories with all simulated samples using the ANL Monte Carlo repository. Here is a detailed description:

  1. HERWIG++ for ttbar with pT>650 GeV (finer CAL segmentation in Phi only)
  2. HERWIG++ for ttbar with pT>1500 GeV (finer CAL segmentation)
  3. HERWIG++ for dijets with pT>1500 GeV (finer CAL segmentation)
  4. Madgraph+Pythia samples <fc #FF0000>New</fc>
    1. ttbar+1 gamma
    2. ttbar+2 gamma
    3. W+2 gamma
    4. Z+2 gamma
    5. ttbar+H→ 2 gamma
    1. ttbar→dileptons
    2. ttbar→lepton+jet
    3. W+2 gamma
    4. Z+2 gamma
    1. ttWW + up to 1 parton
    2. ttH, H → tau tau
    3. tt + ll + up to 2 partons, dilepton invariant mass >= 10 GeV
    4. ttH, H → ZZ, generic Z decay + up to 1 parton
    5. ttW + up to 3 partons, generic W decay
    6. ttH, H→WW + up to 1 parton, generic W decay

Warning: most of the models are at the LO level (HERWIG/Pythia8) or with some NLO corrections (Madgraph). You should apply a k-factor to get a correct normalization (can be a phase-space dependent).

Background samples are discussed in Background Samples Twiki.

Last re-processing was on June 8 using Delphes 3.09, 2013 (fixed bug for mu=0 samples). We did not change directory file names to make the output consistent with the download scripts

Truth MC records

Truth MC record was removed from the Delphes files to reduce file size. Below you can find a repository with truth MC information: signal, signal+pileup (<mu>=50) and signal+pileup(<mu>=140). Pileup particles are included.

Repository with truth MC information

HepSim Repository with Monte Carlo predictions for HEP <fc #FF0000>New</fc>

Help for analyzers

Help for Delphes developers

You can add a new deatures to Delphes using this test HEPMC record. Download a HEPMC file with ttbar (>650 GeV, 14 TeV) for Delphes. Get it from here LHC_signal_ttbar650.hepmc.gz. Test Delphes as:

gunzip LHC_signal_ttbar650.hepmc.gz
DelphesHepMC examples/delphes_card_ATLAS.tcl LHC_ttbar650.root LHC_signal_ttbar650.hepmc

ATLAS-like detector

Here are the samples for ATLAS-like fast simulation using Delphes 3.03 without pileup removal.

Other samples

Other samples with and without pileup (keeping all final state particles) are discussed here

Snowmass "white" paper based on these samples

The SVN link to the white paper is here. You may need to get the Assembla account and contact me to allow the access.

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