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web page: Craig Levy profile

ASC Intern for summer & fall 2010.

school: Northeastern University, Boston MA

class: 2012

mentor: Sergei Chekanov


I am working on developing a method to search for new massive particles predicted by theories beyond the Standard Model. We will attempt to use jet-shapes to identify signatures of any generic neutral particle with mass on the order of TeV? .

I have been involved in developing an algorithm for defining several jet-shape variables, and using these variables in Monte-Carlo truth studies (predictions based on well-established theory) to see how we can use these variables to distinguish between interesting 'signal' jets and uninteresting 'background QCD' jets.

A public release of this program is available here: .

– CraigLevy - 09 Jul 2010

My recent talk:

  • presentation_7.09.10.odp: Report during bANL meeting, July 9th '10
  • presentation_7.09.10.pdf: same presentation, PDF

Final SRP report:

  • final_report.pdf: Final Report, Summer '10


  • DOEposter.pdf: Poster for the DOE undergrad. interns competition

doeposter.pdf final_report_craig_levy.pdf presentation_7.09.10.odp

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