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How to access leptons

The example of how to access leptons is given in examples/Example1.C (for electrons) inside Delphes3 installation directory.

How to access missing ET

The example of how to access missing ET is given in examples/Example2.C of the Delphes installation directory.

How to access jets

This is more complicated due to the presence of pileup and fake jets. In an idealized scenario, we will need identify “signal” jets reconstructed from non-pileup particles and apply an offset correction to compensate for extra energy from pileup. Here is simple method:

  1. Build truth jets using Fastjets and non-pileup particles (status=1)
  2. Match reconstructed jets with truth jets using a cone 0.15-0.2 in Eta and Phi. Such matched jets will be used for further analysis. The matching is a simplified method to select signal jets (the jet vertex fraction used in ATLAS is not implemented in Delphes)
  3. Apply a simple offset correction to correct jets back to the “non-pileup” scenario.

See the correction procedure here

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