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A collections of ttbar samples

Here are samples of Delphes 3.08 events generated for the 14 TeV center-of-mass energy (pp collisions). HEPMC files are generated by Andrey Loginov ([email protected]). The events are generated for 0, 50 and 140 pileup scenarios. Data are stored in the ROOT format using the standard Delphes output. The samples use the “Snowmass” detector geometry. Jets were corrected using jet area correction and fake jets are not stored. See this wiki for details.

The MadGraph samples are located here

Here is the info from Andrey:

Note that for all the samples photons we have a full ME photon radiation 
treatment. For instance, for tta (ljets) the generation was performed using:

generate    p p > t t~ > l+ vl  b    j j b~     a   @1
add process p p > t t~ > l- vl~ b~   j j b      a   @2

== ttaa (dilepton)
ttaa_tt_dilepton_run_07_unweighted_events.lhe (and the split .event and .tar.gz files)
nevents = 20000
xsec = 0.47187E-02 pb

== ttaa (ljets)
ttaa_tt_ljets_run_05_unweighted_events.lhe (and the split .event and .tar.gz files)
nevents = 20000
xsec = xsec = 0.11894E-01 pb

== tta (dilepton)
tta_tt_dilepton_run_03_unweighted_events.lhe (and the split .event and .tar.gz files)
nevents = 50000
xsec = 0.67816E+00 pb

== tta (ljets)
tta_tt_ljets_run_07_unweighted_events.lhe (and the split .event and .tar.gz files)
nevents = 100000
xsec = 0.15678E+01 pb

== waa+0/1/2 jets (incl HF)
waa0jj_hf_run_01_unweighted_events.lhe (and the split .event and .tar.gz files)
nevents = 100000
xsec = 0.51095E+00 pb

== zaa+0/1/2 jets (incl HF)
zaa0jj_hf_run_01_unweighted_events.lhe (and the split .event and .tar.gz files)
nevents = 100000
xsec = 0.25014E+00 pb
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