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Monte Carlo events with the truth information

The default Delphes MC samples using the Snowmass detector do not have the truth information on signal and pileup particles (to save disk space). Here are the MC samples generated for the 14 TeV center-of-mass energy (pp collisions) with the complete truth particle information (including pileup final state particles). Pileup particles are marked with status=-1. We also slim events using pT(particle)>0.3 GeV requirement and remove the parton level information (but keeping only first 10 records). There are 10,000 events in each file (ROOT and ProMC) HEPMC files with and without pileup events are converted to ROOT files and ProMC format which has a factor two smaller file size compared to compressed HEPMC and ROOT files.

To view and analyze the truth records, use ProMC. Example: to view complete truth-level information of Z(3000)→ ttbar process:

java -jar browser_promc.jar Zprime3000_mu0.promc

The last command can be used to view the information on true rerecord and browser the events (needs Java7 installed). On Windows, click “browser_promc.jar” and select “File→Open”. You need ProMC package to read and analyze such files in a number of programming languages (C++/Java/Python)

Fully reconstructed Delphes samples (but without the truth info) located here

Sergei Chekanov 2013/03/06 20:48

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