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While at the ATLAS Center


For an emergency dial 911.
Siren means evacuate the building.
Other emergency actions will be announced by the PA

Coffee will be provided for workshops and jamborees.
Office machine (copier, fax, etc) can be found in E127.
Printers can be found in E209, marked with a picture of a printer above.
Vending machines are located in the basement of 362 (see map below).
HEP seminars are usually in Bld. 362, F108 (see below).

Telephones and faxes:

Calling out: 7 to get the outside line.
Calling an internal ANL number: 2+extension.
Calling into ANL from outside: (+1) 630 252 +extension.

Telephones: in the Guest Offices E and B are available for your use.
ANL ASC Secretariat: Nancy Rezek, Bld. 360, office E-225, Phone: x6204
Extensions of ANL ATLAS group members

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner:

Building 213 Cafeteria: (locate on this map) open for breakfast and lunch. Menu(with prices).
Argonne Guest House open for lunch and dinner. Menu (with prices) are also on that page.
Local Restaurants: This is a pretty comprehensive list from Zack Sullivan.