Public talks

Public Presentations in 2012-2017

  • S.Chekanov (for the ATLAS Collaboration), "BSM interpretation of the Standard Model results from ATLAS". Workshop "(Re)interpreting LHC new physics search results: tools and methods", Fermilab (Oct 16-18, 2017).
  • S.Chekanov et. al. Boost2017, Buffalo NY, USA. July 16-21, 2017,Simulations of detector response for multi-TeV physics at a 100 TeV pp collider.
  • Standard Model (SM) measurements and general agreement with SM predictions. S.Chekanov for the ATLAS Collaboration. Search 2016 workshop. (Oxford, UK). Aug. 29-Sep.2, 2016.
  • A.Paramonov, Performance of the ATLAS Hadronic calorimeter and the phase II upgrade program. APS2015. April 2015
  • S.Chekanov. Performance requirements for Hadron Calorimeters. First Annual Meeting of the Future Circular Collider study. 23-29 March 2015. Washington DC.
  • T.LeCompte, Common software needs and opportunities for HPCs, HEP Software Foundation Workshop, SLAC, (20-22 Jan 2015)
  • T.LeCompte, Moriond QCD Experimental Summary (March 28, 2015)
  • S.Chekanov. HepSim. A repository with theoretical predictions for HEP
    community. HEP Software Foundation Workshop, SLAC, (20-22 Jan 2015)
  • S.Chekanov.Sensitivity to New High-mass States Decaying to tt in Fully Boosted Regime at a 100 TeV Collider Link to a talk in PDF. IAS program on Future of HEP. Jan 2008, 2015. Joint Consortium of Fundamental Physics, Hong Kong, China
  • N.Duong, ATLAS Tile Calorimeter and the phase II upgrade. APS14, April 2014
  • A. Vaniachine on behalf of ATLAS Collaboration. 16th International workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in physics research (ACAT2014), Prague, Czech Republic, September 1-5, 2014
  • A.Paramonov, Phase-II upgrades of readout electronics of the hadronic (Tile)
    calorimeter”, talk at the US ATLAS workshop, seminar, August 2014,
    Seattle (WA)
  • A.Paramonov, Fiber-optic links based on silicon photonics for high-speed
    readout of trackers”, G. Drake, M. Garcia-Sciveres, A. Paramonov, R. Stanek, D. Underwood; talk at WIT2014, May 2014, Philadelphia (PA)
  • J.Proudfoot, Higgs and Beyond, Invited Talk, APS March Meeting 2014
  • A. Vaniachine, ATLAS FTK challenge: simulation of a billion-fold hardware parallelism, 16th International workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in physics research (ACAT2014), Prague, Czech Republic, September 1-5, 2014
  • J.Proudfoot, Undergraduate Research at Argonne National Laboratory, Invited Lecture UIUC “PHYS 199RES Spring 2014”, Feb 17, 2014 (
  • T.LeCompte, Fermilab Wine & Cheese (15 Aug 2014): Higgs Past, Present and Future (in conjunction with the CERN/Fermilab HCP Summer School)
  • S.Chekanov, Summaries of top-group (detector/algorithms) University of Washington, Seattle, WA, June 30-July 3, 2013
  • S.Chekanov, High-mass states decaying to ttbar in fully boosted regime at a 100 TeV collider. Next steps in the Energy Frontier - Hadron Colliders, Workshop at LPC@FNAL, Aug. 25-30, 2014
  • A. Vaniachine, Big Data Processing on The Grid: Future Research Directions. XXIV International Symposium on Nuclear Electronics and Computing (NEC'2013), Varna, Bulgaria, September 9-16, 2013
  • S.Chekanov, Fast Monte Carlo simulation for Snowmass 2013 Energy Frontier University of Texas at Austin, ttbar Workshop 2013 May 3, 2013
  • S.Chekanov, Detector performance for top reconstruction for high-luminosity LHC BNL. EF Snowmass meeting, April, 2013
  • T.LeCompte, BNL Higgs Workshop - Two Photon Channel (2013)
  • A.Paramonov, A New High-Speed Optical Transceiver For Data Transmission at the
    LHC Experiments”, A. Paramonov, G. Drake, R. Stanek, D. Underwood;
    poster presentation at TWEPP-13, September 2013, Perugia (Italy)
  • A.Paramonov, Experimental results for V+jets”, talk at LoopFest XII, Florida
    State University, May 13, 2013
  • T.LeCompte, Jefferson Lab Colloquium - Higgs Discovery (2013)
  • T.LeCompte, Iowa State Colloquium - Higgs Discovery (2013)
  • T.LeCompte, University of Georgia Colloquium - Higgs Discovery (2013)
  • T.LeCompte, Oregon Terajets Workshop - Discovery using Boosted Objects (2013)
  • T.LeCompte, Lepton-Photon Symposium - Electroweak Results at Hadron Colliders (2013)
  • T.LeCompte, Fermilab Wine & Cheese (15 Aug 2014): Higgs Past, Present and Future (in conjuncti
  • S.Chekanov (on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration). Recent ATLAS results on Vector Boson production University of Pittsburgh, Pheno 2013 May 8, 2013
  • A. Vaniachine, Advancements in Big Data Processing V International Conference Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education (Grid'2012), JINR, Dubna, Russia, July 16-21, 2012
  • A.Paramonov, Study of jets produced in association with a vector boson”. A seminar at the LHC Physics Center at Fermilab, December 2012
  • A.Paramonov,Search for Supersymmetry Using Events with Three Leptons, Multiple
    Jets, and Missing Transverse Momentum with the ATLAS Detector”, HEP
    seminar, University of Chicago, October 2012
  • J.Proudfoot, Calorimetry (2 lectures), Presented at the CERN/Fermilab Summer School, Fermilab, Aug 6-17, 2012. Special Director’s Colloquium, ANL July 11, 2012, The Discovery of the Higgs Boson