Internship program

The ATLAS group is active in the "Internships for Undergraduates" program. Please visit the SULI program web page. This program gives a lot of opportunities for college and university undergraduate students to participate in the group's ongoing research program.

Please look at J.Proudfoot's slides that explain our SULI program in the past. Look at the link SULU users pages with more information about SULI student's work.

SULI program 2021

    Khushi Taroi

SULI program 2020

    Robert Snuggs

SULI program 2019

    Kyle Fielman
    Macallan Maedke
    Sam Rosen
    Jason Saunders

SULI program 2018

    Andrew Fischer
    David Clark
    Evan Chang

SULI program 2017

    Andrew Fischer
    David Clark
    Evan Chang

SULI program 2016

   Marybeth Beydler - SULI 2016 (work on ITK)
   Gabriel Lynch - SULI 2016 (J.Webster is supervisor). U.Chicago
   Alex Saperstein - SULI2016 (P.Van Gemmeren is supervisor).Florida State U.
   Joel Zuzelski - SULI 2016 (S.Chekanov is supervisor). Michigan State
   MattZhang - grad.

SULI program 2016

 Marybeth Beydler
 Gabriel Lynch  (U.Chicago)
 Alex Saperstein  (Florida State U.)
 Joel Zuzelski  (Michigan State)

SULI program 2015

   Daniel Wilbern
   Jordan Dull

SULI program 2014

    Cole Martin
    Roger Xiao
    Kevin Brom
    Kyle Spurgeon

SULI program  2013

    Kenny Umenthum
    Kyle Strand
    Stephanie Lona
    Andrea Clark

SULI program  2012

    Blake Burghgrave
    Lucas Mastalli-Kelly
   Joshua Loyal

SULI  2010-2011

    Jason Boomsma
    Zach Epstein
    Andrew Johnson
    Jack Weinstein
    Fayez Abu-Ajamieh
    Linus Marchetti
    Michael Erickson


Papers with contributions from SULI students

  • New approach for jet-shape identification of TeV-scale particles at the LHC S.Chekanov, C.Levy, J.Proudfoot, R.Yoshida, Phys.Rev.D82:094029,2010
  • Measurement of the production cross section for W-bosons in association with jets in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector. Andrew Johnson et al. ATL-COM-GEN-2010-037:, Phys. Lett. B 698 (2011) 325-345:
  • Estimation of dijet backgrounds to Z→μμ decay with the matrix method and in situ determination of muon identification efficiency and jet to muon fake rate
    Author(s)  Marchetti, L ; Paramonov, A
  • Signal Studies for Higgs→Zγ. Abreu, H; Auerbach, B (ANL), J.Loyal ,etc.  ATL-COM-PHYS-2013-081, ATL-COM-PHYS-2013-083
  • Map of TileCal energies using high-pT jets in 2012 data. K.Strand, S. Chekanov, A.M.Henriques Correia, A.Solodokov, J. Proudfoot, J CERN CDS: ATL-COM-TILECAL-2013-043
  • A non-parametric peak finder algorithm and its application in searches for new physics. S.Chekanov, M.Erickson. Advances in High Energy Physics, vol. 2013, Article ID 162986, 2013.
  • Energy range of hadronic calorimeter towers and cells for high-pT jets at a 100 TeV collider, S.V. Chekanov, J.Dull arXiv:1511.01468
  • Studies of PMT pulse shapes of TileCal using a laser teststand and full detector simulation for the LHC phase II. S.Chekanov, G.Drake, E.May, A.Paramonov, J.Proudfoot, R.Stanek, D.Underwood ATL-COM-TILECAL-2015-084, (2015)
  • S.Chekanov, E.May, K. Strand, P. Van Gemmeren, ProMC: Input-output data format for HEP applications using varint encoding, ANL-HEP-PR-13-41, arXiv:1311.1229, Computer Physics Communications 185 (2014), pp. 2629-2635
  • Cross-platform validation and analysis environment for particle physics, S.V. Chekanov, I.Pogrebnyak, D. Wilbern. arXiv:1510.06638