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HepSim contributions

Here is a list of people who contributed to the technical design of the HepSim project:

  • S. Chekanov (main developer and maintainer)
  • E. May - ProMC format development,FortranProMC, benchmarks on BlueGene/Q HPC
  • K. Strand (SULI 2014) - ProMC conversion tools
  • P. Van Gemmeren - testing ProMC format
  • J. McCormick (SLAC) - SLIC, LCSIM, and SiD/ILC software environment
  • T. Sjöstrand - ProMC integration with Pythia8
  • P. Demin - ProMC integration with Delphes
  • I. Pogrebnyak - (U.Michigan) software validation toolkit, fastjet in Java
  • D. Wilbern (SULI 2015) - Pileup mixing tool based on ProMC
  • M. Selvaggi - Delphes card for ILD geometry
  • H. Gray - Delphes card for FCC geometry
  • J. Strube (PNNL) - LCIO/SLIC for full simulation
  • A. Kotwal (Duke Univ.) - LCIO/SLIC for full simulation
  • J. Adelman (NIU) - debugging post-Snowmass Delphes 3.3 card for 13/14 TeV
  • S. Padhi (prototyping Snowmass Delphes3.1 during Snowmass 2013, Snowmass OSG background samples)
  • K. Pedersen (alternative b-tagging for rfast003)
  • Shin-Shan Yu (jet energy scale/resolution for SiFCC detectors)
  • Joel Zuzelski (ANL, SULI 2016) - SLCIO reader, converter promc2slcio, new tracking geometry for SiFCC-v7
  • Boruo Xu (Bono) ([email protected]) - help with moving to new pandora
  • John Marshall ([email protected]) - adaptation of slicPandora for fast Pandora in HepSim
  • Sergey Linev ([email protected], Darmstadt). - adaptation of jsROOT to view geometry files
  • Whitney Armstrong ([email protected]) - new version of the lcsim package with timing and SLIC for Geant4 10.3p
  • David Blyth (ANL)- work on new versions of FPadSim and profiling the lcsim tracking
  • Tim Kallage (Dortmund) - correction to DPF Delphes card in HepSim
  • Jose Alcaraz (NIU) - implementation of PROIO data record

ANL support of hardware:

  • Doug Benjamin
  • Benjamin Gutierrez

In addition, thanks to many people who contributed to the design of MC datasets. Their name is listed under the corresponding datasets. Use the search menu to find their names.

We also acknowledge the computer support by:

  • Lincoln Bryant and Bala Desinghu (OSG-Connect)
  • David Champion and Rob Gardner (ATLAS-connect / MWT-Tier2)
  • Suchandra Thapa (OSG, installation of CLHEP, CMAKE, geant10.3p1)
  • Lukasz Lacinski (Petrel support)
  • Rick Wagner (Petrel support)

We apologies in advance if some names are missing.

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