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Open tasks

There is a number of technical tasks that are ideal for scientists who would like to contribute to open-source particle simulations and outreach. Help from undergraduate and graduate students are especially welcome. HepSim projects can expand your programming skills, you will learn about HEP physics processes, Monte Carlo generators, detector designs and data analysis. HepSim uses the same general software and tools as for the ongoing and future experiments. The only difference is that HepSim packages are not proprietorial, which means you do not need to worry about permissions from HEP experiments/collaborations to publish your own research.

Here are several open tasks:

  • Improve the converter “promc2lcio”. This Java code converts truth-level Monte Carlo events to the LCIO format for the full simulation. The promc2lcio code is included inside the ProMC package. Look at the directory “examples/promc2lcio”. This code works for Pythia6, Herwig6, Madgraph5, but it fails on promc files created from Pythia8.
  • The FCC-hh detector has about 300 overlaps in the inner/outer tracker (support structures are shifted, overlaps with the beam pipe). The task is to correct compact.xml file into GDML file, and check for overlaps using the existing tools included into ROOT.
  • Detector and events should be viewed using a Web event browser based on WebGL or other methods. Please look at the ispy-webgl for the CMS detector.
  • Improvements for the graphics of Jas4pp used to visualize the events. Currently, HCAL cell sizes are shown as small dots which do not reflect the actual size of calorimeter cells.
  • Improvements in HepRApp code. Currently, this Java-based viewer it is not actively supported (and the source code is not available). But the tool gives a sample method to view events

Of course, you can do a lot of your own research, including physics performance studies using truth-level, fast simulations and full simulations. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in these tasks.

Sergei Chekanov 2016/05/24 10:14