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Using hs-toolkit

The package “hs-tools” is a light-weight framework to download ProMC files and run validation scripts. You can use Python to use this package. Here are a few software components that are included in this tool:

Installing hs-toolkit

Install the hs-toolkit using the “bash” shell on Linux/Mac:

bash       # set to bash if needed   
wget https://atlaswww.hep.anl.gov/hepsim/soft/hs-toolkit.tgz -O - | tar -xz;
source hs-toolkit/setup.sh

This creates the directory “hs-toolkit” with HepSim commands. Java7/8 and above should be installed. You can view the commands by typing:


This package is used for download, view and analyse HepSim files (truth-level only). To analyse (*.lcio) files with Geant4 simulations, use JAS4PP program, which, in addition to hs-toolkit, include more software component to work with LCIO files. To analyse ROOT files with fast simulations, use Delphes/ROOT frameworks.

Note that you can also use the HepSim Singularity/Docker container with included hs-tools commands

Downloading files with hs-toolkit

This topic was described in Downloading files

Analysing events with hs-toolkit

This topic was described in Analysing events

Java API hs-toolkit

Validation scripts

hs-toolkit is used to run the scripts located in Validation macros.

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