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Detector descriptions

Here we describe available reconstruction tags used by HepSim. All detectors can be found in Detector description page.

Data are reconstructed using the so-called reconstruction tags, which can have either “rfastXXX” (fast simulations) or “rfullXXX” (full simulation and reconstruction) name, where XXX is a number. Each tag is reconstructed with certain detector plus some optional parameters for simulation and reconstruction.

You can find detectors that correspond to a given tag using RecoTag page.

Fast simulations

Fast simulations use Delphes.

Tag name Detector description Documentation Available data
rfast001 FCC-v1 proposed detector description find=rfast001
rfast002 FCC-v2 proposed detector description find=rfast002
rfast003 CMS-like detector description find=rfast003
rfast004 ATLAS-like detector description find=rfast004

The file format is ROOT. Look at this description.

Full (Geant4) simulations

Full simulations use the SLIC software. The geometry files with full detector descriptions are here.

Each tag corresponds to a certain detector, and other way around. You can find the detector name using a tag as this


this will print the detector name. Instead of [TAG], use the detector name to determine the tag. Here are the examples:

Find the detector that corresponds to the tag “rfull009”:


Find the tag which corresponds to the detector sifcch8:


In Linux, you can retrieve this info as:

curl -s http://atlaswww.hep.anl.gov/hepsim/lookup.php?info=rfull009

The table below shows the available detectors:

Tag name Detector description Documentation / GEO files Available data View
rfull001 Original SiD detector, E(CM)=1 TeV (e+e-) (sidloi3). info description, sidloi3.heprep sidloi3.gdml.gz find=rfull001 SiD
rfull002 CEPC detector, E(CM)=250 GeV (e+e-) (sidcc1) arxiv:1604.01994, info description, sidcc1.heprep, sidcc1.gdml.gz, find=rfull002  CEPC
rfull101 CEPC detector, E(CM)=250 GeV (e+e-) (sidcc2) arxiv:1604.01994, info description, sidcc2.heprep, sidcc2.gdml.gz, find=rfull101  CEPC
rfull051 SiEIC1 detector for EIC, E(CM) < 141 GeV (ep, eN) (sieic1) (development) description, sieic1.heprep, sieic1.gdml.gz find=rfull051 EIC
rfull052 SiEIC2 detector for EIC, E(CM) < 141 GeV (ep, eN) (sieic2) (development) description, sieic2.heprep, sieic2.gdml.gz find=rfull052 EIC
rfull006 SiFFC-v4 for FCC-hh (pp, E(CM)=100 TeV) description, sifcch4.heprep, sifcch4.gdml.gz find=rfull006 SiFCC
rfull007 SiFFC-v5. (pp, 100 TeV) As SiFCC-v4 but with x4 larger HCAL cells description, sifcch5.heprep, sifcch5.gdml.gz find=rfull007 SiFCC-v4
rfull009 SiFFC-v7 (pp, 100 TeV) As SiFCC-v4 but with improved tracker (corrected infrastructure support for inner and outer tracker, reduced gaps between silicon modules) and Fast Pandora clustering. Aug 17, 2016 description, sifcch7.heprep, sifcch7.gdml.gz find=rfull009 SiFCC-v7
rfull010 Same as SiFFC-v7, but HCAL cells are 20x20cm (vs 5×5 cm) description, sifcch8.heprep, sifcch8.gdml.gz find=rfull010 SiFCC-v8
rfull011 Same as SiFFC-v7, but fine HCAL cells. HCAL cell size is 2x2cm (vs 5×5 cm for SiFFC-v7) description, sifcch9.heprep, sifcch9.gdml.gz find=rfull011 SiFCC-v8
rfull012 Same as SiFFC-v7, but super fine HCAL cells. HCAL cells are 1x1cm (vs 5×5 cm for SiFFC-v7) description, sifcch10.heprep, sifcch10.gdml.gz find=rfull012 SiFCC-v8
rfull013 Same as SiFFC-v7, but super fine HCAL (1x1cm) and ECAL (3x3mm) cells (vs 5×5 cm and 2x2cm for SiFFC-v7) description, sifcch11.heprep, sifcch11.gdml.gz find=rfull013 SiFCC-v8
rfull014 Same as SiFFC-v7, but relaxed hit cuts for HCAL and ECAL description, sifcch12.heprep, sifcch12.gdml.gz find=rfull014 SiFCC-v12

The output file format is LCIO. The files can be read as explained here. To view geometries using ROOT geometry package, run these commands:


where “detector.gdml” is the detector geometry to be downloaded from this table (after gunzip command).

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