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FCC-hh studies

This wiki describes fast and full simulations of a FCC-hh detector for multi-TeV energy range

People: A.Kotwal (Fermilab/Duke), L.Gray (Fermilab), S.Chekanov (ANL), J.Strube (PNNL), N.Tran (Fermilab), S-S. Yu (NCU), S.Sen (Duke), J.Repond (ANL)

The current goal of the studies is to understand physics requirements and design options using the FCC-performance detector, called “SiFCC”. Unlike the “FCChh-reference detector” developed at CERN, the SiFCC detector:

  • derived from the SiD concept (or CLIC)
  • designed for physics and detector optimization studies
  • simple & small (20% smaller than ATLAS)
  • includes detector features needed for 100 TeV collisions (12 lambda calorimeters, high-granularity tracker & calorimeters)
  • Monte Carlo production for tens-TeV physics since 2015

Meetings: https://indico.hep.anl.gov/indico/categoryDisplay.py?categId=26