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Creating LCIO files

In many cases, HepSim detector simulations were done using ILCSOFT-derived software, such as those used for ILC, CLIC, etc. experiments.

To perform Geant4 simulations, you will need to convert PROMC to SLCIO or STDHEP files. You can convert ProMC files with truth-level information to STDHEP or LCIO (MCParticle) with full simulations using promc2stdhep or promc2lcio converters:

wget http://atlaswww.hep.anl.gov/hepsim/soft/promc_convert.tgz
tar -zvxf promc_convert.tgz
cd promc_convert
./promc2lcio.sh input.promc output.slcio    # convert to SLCIO
./promc2stdhep.sh input.promc output.stdhep # convert to STDHEP

You can convert all files in a directory with ProMC files as:

./batchconverter stdhep [DIR with ProMC files] # convert to STDHEP files
./batchconverter slcio  [DIR with ProMC files] # convert to LCIO files

Files in the LCIO or STDHEP formats can be used as input for DD4HEP or SLIC simulation packages.

Many samples of HepSim were created with a dedicated FPadSim package. See FPadSim section.

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