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Analysis of fast simulations

Downloading ROOT files

Files after fast detector simulations are created using Delphes program. Assuming that you have installed either hs-tools or Jas4pp programs, you can use the “hs-get” command to download files. You can find all samples with fast simulations using the rfast tag. If you need to find all ROOT files for a given tag, say rfast100, use this command:

hs-find tev14_mg5%rfast100

which searches for all samples with the dataset name “tev14_mg5” (Madgraph5, 14 TeV samples). Then download a selected sample as:

hs-get tev14_mg5_nlo_httbar%rfast100

The description of the detector tags is given in Detector description.

Analyzing ROOT files

Read the Delphes manual explaining how to analyze ROOT files from HepSim.

Creating Delphes files

Read the section Creating fast simulations