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Single particle studies

The results shown on this page use Jas4pp data-analysis package.

Click here to show how to install it

Click here to show how to install it

wget http://atlaswww.hep.anl.gov/asc/jas4pp/download/current.php -O jas4pp.tgz
tar -zvxf jas4pp.tgz
cd jas4pp
source ./setup.sh # takes 5 sec for first-time optimization

Single particles with the SiFCC detector

You can study this the geometry of FCChh-v7 detector using sifcch7 link. This geometry corresponds to rfull009 tag SLCIO files.

We will download samples in directories dataNgev using reg. expressions. We will use 2 threads and 100 files (if available) from each sample.

hs-get pgun_pi_1to10000gev%rfull009 data1gev 2 100 pi1gev         # 1 GeV sample
hs-get pgun_pi_1to10000gev%rfull009 data10gev 2 100 pi10gev       # 10 GeV sample
hs-get pgun_pi_1to10000gev%rfull009 data100gev 2 100 pi100gev     # 100 GeV sample
hs-get pgun_pi_1to10000gev%rfull009 data1000gev 2 100 pi1000gev   # 1000 GeV sample
hs-get pgun_pi_1to10000gev%rfull009 data10000gev 2 100 pi10000gev # 10000 GeV sample

Run a Python script given here: pgun1.py. To process these samples, run this sequence. Each script creates a PDF file with the image.

fpad pgun1.py data1gev
fpad pgun1.py data10gev
fpad pgun1.py data100gev
fpad pgun1.py data1000gev
fpad pgun1.py data10000gev

A typical plot for 100 GeV single pion is shown here

Click to show this image

Click to show this image

Find more single particle samples using the tag rfull009. Go to “Info” and find the links under “Reconstruction”.

How to analyze LCIO data using C++ code is discussed in here.