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Boosted particle studies

The results shown on this page use Jas4pp data-analysis package.

Click here to show how to install it

Click here to show how to install it

wget http://atlaswww.hep.anl.gov/asc/jas4pp/download/current.php -O jas4pp.tgz
tar -zvxf jas4pp.tgz
cd jas4pp
source ./setup.sh # takes 5 sec for first-time optimization

SiFCC detector

You can study this the geometry of the FCChh-v7 detector using sifcch7 description. This geometry corresponds to rfull009 tag SLCIO files.

Download Z'(10 TeV) to XX final state as:

hs-get tev10mumu_pythia6_zprime10tev_qqbar%rfull009  # qqbar
hs-get tev10mumu_pythia6_zprime10tev_ttbar%rfull009  # ttbar
hs-get tev10mumu_pythia6_zprime10tev_ww%rfull009     # W+W-

An example code which creates jet masses of anti-kT jets (R=0.8) is jetmass.py. It fills 3 histograms with jet masses for leading in pT antiKT jets for Z(10 TeV) to W+W- sample (truth, PFO, Clusters). Run it as:

fpad jetmass.py tev10mumu_pythia6_zprime10tev_ww%rfull009 

The created image is shown below

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You can write a C++ code which calls the FastJet (with jet substructure variables) using the packages posted to intro.